FITS: Inferring Intermediate Taint Sources for Effective Vulnerability Analysis of IoT Device Firmware
PPR: Pairwise Program Reduction
Pushing the Limit of 1-Minimality of Language-Agnostic Program Reduction
Building Dynamic System Call Sandbox with Partial Order Analysis
CoopHance: Cooperative Enhancement for Robustness of Deep Learning System
Ad Hoc Syntax-Guided Program Reduction
Compilation Consistency Modulo Debug Information
VisFuzz: Understanding and Intervening Fuzzing with Interactive Visualization
Skeletal program enumeration for rigorous compiler testing
Stochastic Optimization of Program Obfuscation
Finding Compiler Bugs via Live Code Mutation
Automatic Runtime Recovery via Error Handler Synthesis
Toward Understanding Compiler Bugs in GCC and LLVM
Coverage-Directed Differential Testing of JVM Implementations
Finding and Analyzing Compiler Warning Defects
Finding Deep Compiler Bugs via Guided Stochastic Program Mutation
Randomized Stress-Testing of Link-Time Optimizers
Querying Sequential Software Engineering Data
TzuYu: Learning Stateful Typestates
Constraint-Based Automatic Symmetry Detection
DRONE: Predicting Priority of Reported Bugs by Multi-Factor Analysis
Mining Succinct Predicated Bug Signatures
Improved Duplicate Bug Report Identification
Towards More Accurate Retrieval of Duplicate Bug Reports
Graph-based Detection of Library API Imitations